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Inventory Number: US20229

Pair of Late 19th Century White Glass & Brass Lamps

6.5" Diam X 16.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US20221

Pair of Ochre Painted Tole Tea Cannisters with Chinoiserie Decoration wired as Lamps, England 20th Century

9" Diam X 29.75" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US20209

Pair of Art Moderne Style Rock Crystal & Malachite Lamps with Brass Feet

5" Square X 22.25" H


Inventory Number: US20150

Pair of Green Onyx Column Lamps, 20th Century

6" Square X 22.5" H (to socket) ON HOLD


Inventory Number: US2037

Pair of 18th Century Continental Painted Architectural Elements, wired as Lamps

12" W X 7" D X 26" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: 3U71

Pair of Girandoles with Blue Painted & Parcel Gilt Urn Bases and Cut Crystal & Colored Glass Pendants, Italy ca. 1890

12.5" W X 8" D X 37" H


Inventory Number: US19447

20th Century Blue Glazed Porcelain Lamp with Brass Mounts, Chinese

7" Diam X 20.25" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: 3U282

Pair of Carved Wood Urn-Shaped Lamps in Painted Finish

14" W X 7" D X 23" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: 3U205

Pair of Chinese Bronze Lamps with Floral Decoration

6" Diam X 16.5" H


Inventory Number: 3U285

Pair of French Celadon Glazed Porcelain Bottleneck Vases with Bronze Mounts wired as Lamps

5.5" Diam X 16.5" H


Inventory Number: US19359

Large Continental Brass Lamp Engraved with Foliage & Bird Detail on Black Painted Wooden Base

13" Diam X 24" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US19330

Pair of Green Glazed Porcelain Baluster Vases wired as Lamps

5" Square Base X 20" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US19185

Pair of 19th Century Imari Porcelain Vases with later Gilt mounts, wired as Lamps

6.5" Diam X 27" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US19249

Pair of 19th Century Continental Giltwood Altar Sticks, wired as Lamps

7.5" Diam Base X 29" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US19175

Pair of French Green Painted Tole Lamps with Gilt Decoration, 20th Century

6.5" Square Base X 28" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US19140

Pair of Yellow Painted Tole Tea Canisters with Shell Decoration, wired as Lamps

10.5" Diam X 33.25" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US1915A

Large Late 19th Century English Staffordshire Dog wired as a Lamp on Custom Wooden Base

11" W X 6.5" D X 35" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US1905

20th Century Bronze Table Lamp with Iridescent Dome Shade

8" Diam X 14.5" H


Inventory Number: 3S42

Mahogany Floor Lamp with Turned Column & Tripod Base, France Early 20th Century

16.5" Diam X 67.5" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: 3S208

Chinese Crackleware Grey White Glazed Vase wired as a Lamp

6" Diam X 15" H


Inventory Number: 3S250

Pair of Neoclassical Style Green Marble & Brass Column Lamps, ca. 1890

6" Square Base X 21" H


Inventory Number: 3S207

19th Century Chinese Export Rose Medallion Vase wired as a Lamp

7.5" Diam X 18.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US18390

Pair of Glass Column Shaped Lamps, 20th Century

6.5" Diam X 20" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US18104

Chinoiserie Pink & Green Painted Tole Lamp, 20th Century

9.5" W X 6.5" D X 20.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US1844

Pair of Silver Plated Candelabra wired as Lamps with Black Tole Shades

9.5" Diam X 26" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US1890(B)

Pair of Painted & Parcel Gilt Urn-Shaped Lamps with Greek Key Detail, Reproduction

7" Square Base X 25.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US1827

Pair of Neoclassical Style White Porcelain Urns, wired as lamps, 19th Century Continental

10" Diam X 30" H (to finial) ON HOLD


Inventory Number: US17413

Early 19th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Pistol Handle Urn, wired as a Lamp

5" Square Base X 30" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US17381

Pair of 19th Century Painted Tole Chestnut Urns with Lids, wired as lamps

8" W X 5" D X 21" H


Inventory Number: US17352

18th Century Delft Blue & White Vase, wired as a lamp

8" Diam X 13.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US17337

Paris Porcelain Vase, wired as a lamp

5.5" W X 4" D X 13" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: 3Q197

Vintage French Green Porcelain Vase with Bronze Dore Mounts, wired as a lamp

10" Diam X 18.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US1094

Paris Porcelain Vase, wired as a lamp, 19th Century France

6" W X 4.5" D X 27" H (with shade)


Inventory Number: 3Q140

Pair of Gilt Metal Urns, France ca. 1880, wired as lamps

6.25" Diam (base) X 25.75" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US17104

Pair of Silver Gilt Torchere Lamps in Carved Wood, France ca. 1700

9" W X 6.5" D X 33" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US1756

Pair of 20th Century Decoupage Glass Lamps with Giltwood Bases

7" Diam X 16" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: JJJ142A

Pair of Neoclassical Style Continental Silver Metal & Wood Urn Shaped Lamps with Shades

6.75" Square Base X 15.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US16340

Red Painted Tole Lamp with Black Drum Shade

11" Diam X 29.25" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US0691

Pair of "Sang de Boeuf" Porcelain Lamps with Shades, Reproduction

8" Diam X 13" H (top of vase)


Inventory Number: US16240

Pair of Carved Oak 19th Century Figural Fragments Mounted as Table Lamps with Shades

11" Diam X 19.5" H (with shade)


Inventory Number: US16217

Pair of Metal Neoclassical Style Urns Wired as Lamps

5" Square X 18.5" H (to socket)


Inventory Number: US16107

19th Century English Porcelain Vase wired as a Lamp

4.5" Diam Base X 16.5" H to socket


Inventory Number: US1577

Pair of Large Continental Giltwood Architectural Elements wired as Lamps

17" W X 8.5" D X 26.5" H (to top of socket)


Inventory Number: US14253

Pair of Oil Paris Porcelain Style Urns wired as Lamps with Shades

25" H X 16" Diam (shade) X 4.5" Square Base X 14" H (base)


Inventory Number: US14304

Cloisonne Urn wired as a Lamp

23.5" H (to finial) X 12" H (vase)


Inventory Number: KW6

Bouillote Lamp with Silverplate Base and Green Painted Tole Shade with Laurel Leaf Swag Detail, early 20th Century

23" H X 12.5" Diam (at shade)


Inventory Number: US0595

Pair of Imari Style Vases wired as Lamps

16" H (without shades) X 9" Diam (vase) X 7" Square Base


Inventory Number: US09131

Tole Painted Lamp with floral decoration, ca. 1920 France

9" Diam X 14.25" H ON HOLD


Inventory Number: US0873

Large & Fine Pair of Chinese Export Hexagonal Vases in the Mandarin Palette with intricate painted & gilt decoration on all sides, 4th Quarter of 18th Century Jingdezhen region China. Later converted to lamps

8.5" Diam X 30.25" H (to finial)


Inventory Number: US0847

Large 18th Century Chinese Export Famille Rose Porcelain Garniture Vase & Cover later converted into Lamp, Chinese ca. 1780

6.5" W X 4.5" D X 28.25" H


Inventory Number: VV289

17th Century Imari Vase with 19th Century Ormalu Mounts - wired as a Lamp

5.5" Diam X 22" H


Inventory Number: US99271

Small Blue & White Lamp

8.5" Base Height X 4.25" Diameter


Inventory Number: US9643

Charles X Ormalu & Patinated Bronze, 4 Light Candelabra wired as a Lamp, 2nd Quarter 19th Century

38" High X 31" Base Height


Inventory Number: US95108

Lamp with Cabbage Leaf & Butterfly Design, ca. 1860

9" Base Height X 8.5" Diameter


Inventory Number: US07283

Spode Pattern "967" Vase in the Imari style, converted to Lamp with Modern wiring, English Porcelain c. 1830 (Height 13" only includes Vase/Stand)

13"H x 9.5"W


Inventory Number: CCC18

Pair of Lyre Brass & Crystal Girandoles, France ca. 1890

24.75" H X 16" W


Inventory Number: BBB46

Large 18th Century Silvered Wood Fragment, made into a lamp. Italy

18.5" H X 16" W X 9.25" D


Inventory Number: AAA105

Reproduction 2-Light Bouillote Lamp in Bronze Dore with Green Tole Shade. Wired.

9" W X 7" D X 19.5" H


Inventory Number: 8941800

Pair of Large Old Paris Porcelain Urns Fitted as Lamps, France ca. 1800-1850

21" H X 11" W X 8" D


Inventory Number: 110

Chinese Export Vase with Scene Framed in Cobalt Blue - wired as a Lamp

13" Vase Height X 8" Diameter


Inventory Number: US1238

Pair of Large late 19th Century Chinese Crackleware Vases, wired as Lamps with Shades

32" H (top of shades) X 17" Diam (shade) X 9" Diam (widest part of vase)


Inventory Number: US1248

Pair of 18th Century Chinese Famille Rose Vases with Mounts, wired as Lamps with Shades

23" H (top of shade) X 11.5" Diam (shade) X 7.5" Diam (base)

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