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Inventory Number: US20290

19th Century French 4-Panel Wallpaper mounted on Canvas Folding Screen featuring Canal Scene

27.25" W X 84" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: 3V9

4-Panel Oil on Canvas Painted Screen featuring Bird & Foliage Decoration, Italy 20th Century

23" W X 75" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: 3U105

19th Century 3-Panel Folding Screen with Oil on Canvas Painted Mountain Scenes

27.25" W X 78" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: 3U190

French 18th Century Embossed Leather 4-Panel Folding Screen with Painted Floral Design

20" W X 72" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: 3S118

4-Panel Paper Screen with Handpainted Watercolor of Foliage, 19th Century Continental.

20.5" W X 78.5" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: US18361

19th Century Gilt Framed Oil on Canvas Grisaille Painted Panel of Sheep in Landscape

25.75" W X 74.5" H


Inventory Number: T41

Petite 5-Panel Coromandel Folding Screen, Chinese early 19th century

50" W X 36" H


Inventory Number: US1899

Set of 3 Hand-Painted Paper on Board Panels with Chinoiserie Decoration

36" W X 92.5" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: US17382

Large 6-Panel Painted Paper Folding Screen with Chinese Scenes, Mid-20th Century

18.25" W X 84.5" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: US16273

Set of 4 Black & Gold Applique Textile Wall Panels

9" W X 106" L (each panel)


Inventory Number: KW2

Set of 3 19th Century Oil on Canvas Painted Panels Louis XV Style, France. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, PRICED PER EACH.

24" W X 65.75" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: GG39B

Folding 4 Panel Painted Wood Screen, with both sides decorated. One with arabesque designs, the other with theatre motif, ca. 1890-1920

17.75" W X 84.5" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: US1214

Pair of Framed Oil on Canvas Painted Panels of Fruit Garlands, ca. 1890

14.25" W X 68.25" H


Inventory Number: WWs

Petite Red Lacquered Screen with 5 panels

7.5" W X 34" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: MO1

Coromandel 4 Panel Screen, circa 1850

16" W X 72" H (each panel)


Inventory Number: 1617

19th Century 8 Panel Coromandel Screen in Muted Colors. Both Sides Decorated.

16" W X 72" H (each panel)

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